From Russia With Love

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Release info
Format: CD
Barcode: 762185119020
Country: US

From Russia With Love (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Released July 23, 1996

Album Details

Style: Soundtrack, Score
Formats: CD, Digital Media
Duration: 36 minutes
Discs: 1
Tracks: 18
Label: EMI

Music from

Movie: From Russia With Love
Released in: 1963
Country: United Kingdom

Track listing

# Title Artist Length
1. Opening Titles (James Bond Is Back / From Russia With Love / James Bond Theme) John Barry 2:24
2. Tania Meets Klebb John Barry 1:27
3. Meeting In St. Sophia John Barry 1:06
4. The Golden Horn John Barry 2:28
5. Girl Trouble John Barry 2:25
6. Bond Meets Tania John Barry 1:18
7. 007 John Barry 2:45
8. Gypsy Camp John Barry 1:15
9. Death Of Grant John Barry 2:00
10. From Russia With Love Lionel Bart 2:35
11. Spectre Island John Barry 1:15
12. Guitar Lament John Barry 1:09
13. Man Overboard – Smersh In Action John Barry 2:18
14. James Bond With Bongos Monty Norman 2:29
15. Stalking John Barry 2:01
16. Leila Dances John Barry 1:57
17. Death Of Kerin John Barry & Lionel Bart 2:29
18. 007 Takes The Lektor John Barry 3:00
Total Duration: 36:21


Composed by: John Barry

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