Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

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Release info
Format: CD
Label: Atlantic
Barcode: US
Country: 075678357428

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Released November 12, 2002

Album Details

Style: Soundtrack, Score
Formats: CD, Digital Media
Duration: 70 minutes
Discs: 1
Tracks: 20
Label: Atlantic Records

Music from

Movie: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Released in: 2002
Country: United Kingdom, United States, Germany

Track listing

# Title Artist Length
1. Prologue: Book II / The Escape from the Dursleys John Williams 3:31
2. Fawkes the Phoenix John Williams 3:45
3. The Chamber of Secrets John Williams 3:49
4. Gilderoy Lockhart John Williams 2:05
5. The Flying Car John Williams 4:08
6. Knockturn Alley John Williams 1:47
7. Introducing Colin John Williams 1:49
8. The Dueling Club John Williams 4:07
9. Dobby the House Elf John Williams 3:27
10. The Spiders John Williams 4:32
11. Moaning Myrtle John Williams 2:05
12. Meeting Aragog John Williams 3:18
13. Fawkes Is Reborn John Williams 3:19
14. Meeting Tom Riddle John Williams 3:37
15. Cornish Pixies John Williams 2:12
16. Polyjuice Potion John Williams 3:51
17. Cakes for Crabbe and Goyle John Williams 3:30
18. Dueling the Basilisk John Williams 5:02
19. Reunion of Friends John Williams 5:08
20. Harry’s Wondrous World (Chamber of Secrets Version) John Williams 5:01
Total Duration: 70:03


Composed by: John Williams
Conducted by: William Ross
Orchestrated by: Eddie Karam, Conrad Pope

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