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Release info
Format: CD
Label: Interscope Records
Barcode: 602557117776
Country: US

La La Land (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Released December 9, 2016

Album Details

Style: Soundtrack
Formats: CD, Digital Media
Duration: 45 minutes
Discs: 1
Tracks: 15
Label: Interscope Records

Music from

Movie: La La Land
Released in: 2016
Country: United States

Track listing

# Title Artist Length
1. Another Day Of Sun La La Land Cast 3:48
2. Someone In The Crowd Emma Stone, Callie Hernandez, Sonoya Mizuno, Jessica Rothe 4:19
3. Mia & Sebastian’s Theme Justin Hurwitz 1:37
4. A Lovely Night Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone 3:56
5. Herman’s Habit Justin Hurwitz 1:51
6. City of Stars Ryan Gosling 1:51
7. Planetarium Justin Hurwitz 4:17
8. Summer Montage / Madeline Justin Hurwitz 2:04
9. City of Stars Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone 2:29
10. Start A Fire John Legend 3:12
11. Engagement Party Justin Hurwitz 1:27
12. Audition (The Fools Who Dream) Emma Stone 3:48
13. Epilogue Justin Hurwitz 7:39
14. The End Justin Hurtwitz 0:46
15. City of Stars (Humming) Justin Hurwitz featuring Emma Stone 2:43
Total Duration: 45:47

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