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Release info
Format: CD
Label: Deutsche Grammophon
Barcode: 028947967026
Country: US

Snowden (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Released September 16, 2016

Album Details

Style: Soundtrack, Score
Formats: CD, Digital Media
Duration: 42 minutes
Discs: 1
Tracks: 14
Label: Deutsche Grammophon

Music from

Movie: Snowden
Released in: 2016
Country: United States, Germany, France

Track listing

# Title Artist Length
1. Hotel Mira Adam Peters 3:01
2. Whatever Happened To Paradise? Adam Peters 2:19
3. Burden Of Truth Craig Armstrong 2:04
4. SD Cards Adam Peters 2:39
5. Hawaii Guitar Theme Craig Armstrong 1:04
6. Running Out Of Time Adam Peters 2:23
7. After All. Three Hops To Anyone Adam Peters 2:19
8. Happiness Montage Craig Armstrong 1:39
9. Ed Copies Data (Secret Downloading Variation) Craig Armstrong 6:22
10. Telling Lindsay Adam Peters 3:46
11. Download To Rubik Adam Peters 4:32
12. Secret Downloading (Boys Noize Remix 2) Craig Armstrong 4:10
13. Ed Is On TV Craig Armstrong 2:28
14. Snowden Moscow Variation Craig Armstrong 3:39
Total Duration: 42:25


Composed by: Craig Armstrong and Adam Peters

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