Directed by Robert Zemeckis
Cast Tom Hanks
Helen Hunt
Nick Searcy
Lari White
Release date December 22, 2000
Country United States
Runtime 143 minutes
Music by Alan Silvestri

Cast Away



2h 23m

Hanks plays a FedEx troubleshooter who is stranded on an uninhabited island after his plane crashes in the South Pacific, and the plot focuses on his desperate attempts to survive and return home.

List Albums

Year Album Artist Tracks
2007 Cast Away (Original Motion Picture Score) Memphis Music Alan Silvestri 32
2001 Cast Away (The Films Of Robert Zemeckis, The Music Of Alan Silvestri) Varèse Sarabande Alan Silve‎stri 10
Cast Away (Promotional Score) 2000 Cast Away (Promotional Score for Academy Award Consideration) MCD Alan Silvestri 7