About the Site

Learn a little more about our history.


Soundtrackinfo.Net is a database where we have information about soundtracks, composers and more. We are always looking for people who want to contribute information that is missing from our collection. If you are interested in contributing please contact.

About the editor

All work from cataloging thousands of soundtracks and developing the website is done by Ewerton, creator of Soundtrackinfo.

Development / History

The site started in 2014 when the domain www.originalsoundtrack.com.br was acquired however, many things have changed, the site underwent drastic changes both in site programming and available content, and over time came the idea of ​​bringing something different from other sites of the same genre. At first, the platform blogger was used, but over time certain limitations prevented the development of the site, knowing the possibility of creating a website in html, we chose to acquire a paid host, then things improved and, at the same time, more content was published on the site and new technologies were implemented. Today, we have a server hosted on DigitalOcean Google Cloud for better site performance and more quality for users.

In 2018 we acquired the domain www.soundtrackinfo.net and it is set as default we also changed the official language into English.

In the year 2019 we created a new visual identity for our site, learn more.

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Soundtrackinfo.Net Database

Our database has a catalog of about 972 Albums Published. All information available here is available on the websites of their respective record companies. We did not market soundtracks, we just released information and album covers.