Camp X-Ray

    Cataloged on Jun 29, 2017

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Release info
Format: CD
Label: Phineas Atwood
Barcode: US
Country: 760137676324

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  • Hank Voight

Camp X-Ray (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Released October 14, 2014

Album Details

Style: Soundtrack, Score
Formats: CD, Digital Media
Duration: 25 minutes
Discs: 1
Tracks: 14
Label: Phineas Atwood / Lakeshore Records

Music from

Movie: Camp X-Ray
Released in: 2014
Country: United States

Track listing

# Title Artist Length
1. Departure Jess Stroup 2:00
2. Empty Hallways 1 Jess Stroup 1:05
3. Is That Your Room? Jess Stroup 2:39
4. Empty Hallways 2 Jess Stroup 1:04
5. The Cocktail Jess Stroup 1:48
6. Communal Stash Jess Stroup 1:03
7. Hitchcock On the Block Jess Stroup 1:49
8. Morning Routines Jess Stroup 1:33
9. The Shower Jess Stroup 2:02
10. Dismissed Jess Stroup 2:33
11. Writing the Memo Jess Stroup 1:07
12. Empty Hallways 3 Jess Stroup 0:55
13. The Knife Jess Stroup 3:30
14. The Last Walk / Empty Hands Jess Stroup 2:45
Total Duration: 25:53

Quick Review

No doubt Camp X-Ray is one of my favorite scores, composed by the American composer Jess Stroup the album manages to gather a dramatic style and at the same time striking, with a serene melody that gives even sleep rsrs.

The soundtrack was released in 2014 by Lakeshore Records.


Composed by: Jess Stroup

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