Hollow Man (Complete Score)

Hollow Man (Complete Score)

Jerry Goldsmith

The Patriot

The Patriot (Original Motion Picture Score)

John Williams

The Perfect Storm

The Perfect Storm (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

James Horner

The Hurricane (Original Score)

The Hurricane (Original Score)

Christopher Young

Space Cowboys

Space Cowboys (Music from the Motion Picture)

Various Artists

Cast Away (Promotional Score)

Cast Away (Promotional Score for Academy Award Consideration)

Alan Silvestri

Hollow Man

Hollow Man (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Jerry Goldsmith


Gladiator (Music from the Motion Picture)

Hans Zimmer & Lisa Gerrard

Men of Honor

Men of Honor (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture)

Mark Isham

Gone In 60 Seconds (Original Score)

Gone In 60 Seconds (Original Motion Picture Score)

Trevor Rabin


Sunshine (Original Motion Picture Score)

Maurice Jarre

Gone In 60 Seconds

Gone in 60 Seconds (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [Explicit]

VA & Trevor Rabin

Pitch Black Complete Score

Pitch Black (Complete Original Motion Picture Score)

Graeme Revell

American Beauty Original Score

American Beauty (Original Motion Picture Score) – Thomas Newman

Thomas Newman

First Blood

First Blood (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) – Jerry Goldsmith

Jerry Goldsmith

Bounce (Original Motion Picture Score) – Mychael Danna

Mychael Danna

Unbreakable (Original Motion Picture Score)

James Newton Howard

Jesus: The Epic Mini-Series (Original Score)

Patrick Williams


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